Marzieh & Michael designed a cute “Pic-Nic” theme for their engagement session which we photographed in Unionville,Ontario. We began at the Unionville train station which is always a cool spot to shoot in. From there we made our way down Main Street to our final destination, a spot beside the river that runs through town,where we set up our red and white checkered blanket. We had some great laughs when Michael boosted me up into a tall tree so I could get some overhead shots of the couple lying on the blanket. I had to balance carefully, straddled across two branches to avoid falling on top of my subjects. As it turns out, getting down is way scarier than climbing up. Oh well, anything for a great photo, that’s just how we roll! Next step is to make a Graphi Studio Italian made signing book from the session and we are going to have a lot of great shots to choose from thanks to their natural modelling abilities. After the engagement shoot experience we are so looking forward to their wedding day this coming August. Congratulations Marzieh & Michael on a stellar engagement shoot. You rocked it!