The Perfect Moments

      We have photographed destination weddings from The Dominican Republic to The Virgin Islands. We offer unlimited hours on your wedding day and an additional 8 hours of photography time to use any way you wish throughout the week. We can photograph your welcome cocktail party, an excursion or a “trash the dress” session in addition to covering your wedding day from morning to night.

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      Capturing The Natural Landscape

      Resort provided wedding photographers are often not exclusive to you. Often times there are 2 or 3 additional weddings taking place at your resort that he or she must capture in addition to your wedding. Our photographer is exclusive to you for every moment of your wedding day in addition to capturing photos taken on the resort property you have the added opportunity of photographing off-resort locations which better capture the beauty and flavour of your wedding destination like this image we captured of Lina & Tim jumping from the cliffs at “Rick’s Cafe” in Negril, Jamaica.

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      Getting The Best Shots

      There is something to be said for bringing our photographer to your destination wedding. We are seeing the beauty of your wedding destination with fresh eyes and immediately our creative soul is flooded with ideas and inspiration to capture magazine-worthy images. Together we will walk the resort and surrounding areas to collaborate on what inspires us. This exercise goes a long way to maximize our time together on the wedding day.

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      The decision to go with a resort recommended local photographer or bringing a seasoned professional from our team can be confusing. Let us show you why bringing our photographer is both a smart and cost-effective decision. Book a no-obligation consultation today at our downtown studio. You will be glad you did!

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