Our Philosophy

      On your wedding day you are making the most beautiful and meaningful commitment two people can make to one another. At Cipriano Palmer we understand how sacred the promise you are making to each other truly is and how valuable the timeless images we capture will be to you and your families in the years to come. We have had the great privilege to photograph hundreds of beautiful weddings locally and internationally for over 10 years. Our team of professional photographers and cinematographers are waiting to fulfill every dream you have to perfectly preserve your wedding memories forever. Every couples story is unique. Come by our downtown studio for a coffee and inspire us with your vision of the perfect wedding day.

      Our Promise to You
      On your wedding day you will full of excitement and anticipation. A million thoughts will race through your mind as you eagerly await seeing each other before making the promise of a lifetime to one another. You can relax knowing you have trusted Cipriano Palmer Photography & Cinematography to beautifully capture your wedding day memories forever. We have photographed hundreds of weddings. We have the know how and experience to expertly guide you throughout your day and offer a kind word or a little joke just when you might need one to carry you through. Our aim is to make the wedding photography experience a highlight of your day and one of your most cherished memories when you look back in years to come.

      Ability to make their vision a reality
      Clients have a thorough consultation with us to discuss the style of photos they would love to have on their wedding day. We are prepared to capture the greatest moments and learn the day’s schedule inside out. We know when we need to prompt guests to smile or fade into the background.

      Even when the wedding events happen “on schedule,” we take the time to wait for that perfect shot so we can catch a genuine laugh and expression of happiness, which may only happen in a split second. These times often come between the main events when people are interacting casually.

      After taking photos for hundreds of weddings, we have dealt with every delay or hiccup you could imagine or didn’t even know was possible. We are ready for anything and know how to recover quickly so we can continue taking the best photos around the clock.

      When people hire us as top wedding photographers, Toronto clients know they will get personalized service and amazing photos. Contact us if you have any questions or want to know how we can create wonderful photos for you.